Many have often said that you can find a Nigerian in every part of the world. This we believe may be true. The exceptional part of it all is that these Nigerians keep doing us greatly in their own little way.

One of such is the brilliant Ronke Raji. A Beauty/ Lifestyle influencer who is passionate about inward beauty as well as outward beauty. And loves to encourage young women to embrace their imperfections as reiterated on her blog.

Ronke who became famous amongst youth and young adults for an ostentatious makeup showcase was once under fire by the mass for her ‘Insensitive’ message during the EndSars saga which took place last year October.

A brawl of words ensued which later came to an end when the artiste apologized thereafter.

 No one is perfect, and we cannot rule out how diversified she is because of this brouhaha.

She is one who never spares a thought when it comes to showcasing her Nigerian heritage. We wish her well in all endeavors.