Isi agu Style Set To Become Official Igbo Groom’s wedding Attire

Weddings in South-Eastern Nigeria are always lit and the prestigious Isi agu style is now know as the regular groom’s uniform at most Igbo weddings. see why we call isi agu prestigious here

Isi agu, which translates to “Leopard head” in English, is a traditional garment worn by people in eastern Nigeria. Its name comes from the leopard head pattern on the fabric. It is typically worn on significant occasions, like marriages and chieftaincy titles, among others.

Isi agu style

However, lion head designs are increasingly more common than leopard head designs on Isi agu fabric today. This might have been because in the majority of African folktales, the lion is regarded as the ruler of the jungle.

Why Igbo Grooms Choose Isi agu Style

The Igbo people consider themselves to be kings and queens on a global scale. The lion, as we all know, rules the jungle. For Ndi Igbo, isi Agu is an unique cloth because it expresses who they are.

The Igbo people view weddings as very prestigious events that give them a chance to display their vibrant culture and traditions. It should come as no surprise that the Isi agu, being at the pinnacle of Igbo cultural attire, is always visible at their wedding ceremonies.

Isi agu styles

In modern Igbo traditional marriages, the ladies wear george dresses with wrappers, while the grooms wear the Isi agu styles. You might expect a new Isi agu style on your next Igbo wedding because this is currently so popular among the Igbo people.

Most Isi agu tops are typically has short sleeves. Some of them have chains of gold buttons. On the front, there is normally a breast pocket. The material is available in cotton or velvet.

Only a few wealthy Igbo people wore Isi agu decades ago, but presently Isi agu has been reinvented in a more acceptable manner for Igbo people all over the world. Italian suit fabric can be used with Isi Agu cloth.

Modern Perceptions of Isi agu Style

This clothing was formerly only worn by men, but this is no longer the case as ladies are now adopting this exquisite fabric and creating lovely outfits with it. There are numerous color options for the Isi Agu cloth. You almost certainly won’t go to an event without seeing someone wearing this fabric.

Isi agu style

This outfit can be paired with a stylish sandal or shoe. Men who are wearing Isi agu styles should complete their look with a matching red or black cap and a bead, if desired. Women should choose a stunning flat, low heel, or high heel with a great purse depending on the dress.

The most important thing is to wear shoes that will go with your outfit and the one that makes you comfortable. If you are not comfortable in heels, save yourself the embarrassment and don’t force yourself to wear such

Isi agu style

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Igbo isi agu style

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