Knowledge TUESDAY! An Exposé of the Idoma traditional wedding.

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It is another knowledge Tuesday! Please accept our earnest apologies for the lack of update on this particular series. Albeit, we are here again to deliver.

What Do You Know About The Idoma Tribe?

We have been discussing in detail the traditional wedding rituals of some tribes in Nigeria. Today we take it to the Middle belt once again, to the clan called Idoma.

The Idoma community, largely found in Benue State is a tribe with vibrance and wealth. They can also be located in Cross River and the Nasarawa States.

These individuals are accorded as part of the ethnic majority in the state. They have similar backgrounds to that of the TIVs. Their traditional attire is a black and red patterned wrapper and headgear.

An Idoma Traditional Marriage

In an ancestry Idoma wedding ceremony, the first course of action is for the couple who have decided to wed, visit their parents to divulge the news.

In this meeting, dialogues are held and whatever is the outcome would lead to the fixing of the introduction date.

The groom then proceeds to fund this small soirée where the main wedding date would be disclosed and other talks featured therein.

On the day of the introduction, the topic of the bride price would be briefed which would then lead to the planning of the wedding day proper.

The Idoma people like a cozy gathering and most times the wedding is done moderately and not thrown out of proportion. Here the bride price would be paid and reception for frolicking would ensue.

It is worthy of note that the bride price doesn’t sum up as the wedding list, this is a different ball game entirely. They’re additional goods and stuffs to brought in by the groom and his family which would readily include tubers of yam, fruits, beverages, alcohol, and so on.

With this out of the way, dancing and merriness become the order of the day with guests being treated to nice local dishes. And this is a summary of what to expect when invited to an Idoma wedding.

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