Knowledge TUESDAY! Igala traditional Wedding ritual.

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On today’s knowledge Tuesday, we take a look at the Igala people and how they do traditional weddings according to their traditions.

Varied regions have different lifestyles, resulting in diverse cultures. Our culture mostly owns the line that unconsciously subjects and creates the type of individuals we become.

A brief History on the Igala tribe

The Igala lineage, found in the Eastern part of Kogi State has a well laid down procedure when it comes to handling the wedding ceremony.

Igala marriage customs

A background check on the would-be In-laws will be undertaken in a genuine Igala wedding rite. This does not only apply to Igala people, but also to foreign cultures where the sex of the individual getting married is irrelevant.

The next step is to choose elders from the groom’s family to meet with the brides. This is generally referred to as the introduction, and it is used to legitimately ask the girl’s hand in marriage.

When the wedding day arrives, the Igala people believe that both families must be there to witness the marriage.

A new wrapper is laid on a mat to begin the marriage.

The bride will arrive with a group of her friends of similar ages and will take a seat on the mat. While they go around greeting the family, music will be played.

The bride will change her attire and repeat the process two more times. When that’s done, the groom will be instructed to shower money on the bride until she’s satisfied.

The Kola nut, bride price, and drinks presentation will be handed given to the bride’s family in the next phase. After then, the bride-to-be is asked if she accepts the husband and the presents he provides.

Acceptance of the things indicates that the bride’s family approves of the groom.

Photos of Igala Couples

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Dangers of The Ibegwu

However, if the bride comes from Ogugu in the Olamaboro local government area of Igala country, he and his wife must adhere to additional cultures.

The people of Ogugu are known in Igala region for a belief known as Ibegwu. Any Igala couple from Ogugu who commits adultery is killed in the Ibegwu ceremony.

It is also said to have the ability to kill a husband who attempts to shield his Ogugu bride from an adulterous affair.

This only applies to descendants of Ogugu. If none of the couples are from the area, the wedding rites are completed with food and dance. Here’s a rundown of what to expect if you’re thinking about marrying an Igala lady or if you’ve been invited to one.


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