Luxury Knitwear Dresses By Maxhosa Africa

MAXHOSA AFRICA is Africa’s top luxury, premium, and heritage clothing, knitwear dresses and lifestyle brand. The designs highlight the Xhosa people’s beauty, culture, language, and aspirations. A form that connects with numerous fashion marketplaces throughout the world has evolved and been modified in a contemporary manner and within a current design environment.

Laduma Ngxokolo established the South African knitwear company MAXHOSA Africa in 2010. In order to investigate knitwear design options that would be appropriate for amakrwala (Xhosa initiates).

Laduma Ngxokolo

Laduma Ngxokolo

The original goal was to develop a line of contemporary knitwear with Xhosa influences that would work in this market. Laduma believed he had to create high-end knitwear that honors traditional Xhosa aesthetics as someone who had gone through the process.

The company recognized that the stunning traditional Xhosa beadwork designs, symbols, and colors would make the best motivation for knitwear and used them as a starting point for creating modern knitwear as they were explored along the way.
Xhosa people’s beauty, culture, language, and aspiration are displayed through MAXHOSA creations.

The SMITHSONIAN Museum and MOMA: Museum of Modern Art, and museums in Hamburg, Switzerland, Berlin, and New York have all featured and preserved Laduma’s design work. He is an example to follow and one of the best examples of how African design has evolved.

Photos Of Maxhosa Africa Knitwear Dresses

Knitwear Dresses

Knitwear Finishing Touch

Runway Photos Of Maxhosa Africa

Runway Of Maxhosa Africa Knitwear Dresses

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