Aso ebi Styles for Northern Nigeria Couple

Nigeria is divided into six geopolitical zones. These zones are further separated into four (4) groups (North, South, East, and West).

The diverse ethnic groups have distinct clothing that makes it easier to distinguish amongst them. The Hausa and Fulani peoples live in Nigeria’s northern area.

Northerners have a distinct style, and individuals from other parts of the country can easily recognize them by the way they dress.

Asoebi Style

Lovely couples from Northern Nigeria

Both men and women usually covers their hair. The headgear is usually referred to as a Hausa cap, and it is very popular in Nigeria.

Nigeria Couple

Northerners couple on White and Black Photo

Turban is also worn by men on their heads. The turban is a long scarf that is wrapped around a person’s head numerous times and is quite trendy.

Nigeria Couple

Man wearing Turban and his wife

Photos of Northern Nigeria Aso ebi Styles

Nigeria Couple

Nigeria Couple

Aso ebi Style

Nigeria Couple

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