In Nigeria we have Six Geopolitical zones. Let’s quickly review the Northern region in Nigeria, where we have the Hausa’s and Fulani’s. The Northerners are unique in style, that people from other regions can identify them from there dress code.

Lovely couples from Northern Nigeria

Both men and women alike cover their hair, the men use cap. The cap is referred by many as Hausa cap, well known in Nigeria.

Northerners couple on White and Black Photo

Men also wear Turban on their head. The turban is a long scarf that is wrapped several times around a person’s head, it is quite fashionable.

Man wearing Turban and his wife

Identical twins are not left out on Asoebi Guest. They always look very good in uniform Asoebi cloth (Africa wears). Photo of a set of twin from Northern Nigeria.

Uniform Identical twins