Asoebi styles throwback to 2020 (females)

Whilst we just entered the new year, and we cannot be privy to green Asoebi designs yet, we can throw it back to the styles that trended in the previous year.

Here is a summary of the styles that got us talking.

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The tube styles. This is worn by a variant of ladies at Asoebi occasions. This showcases the ravishing bosom of our beautiful ladies. Giving them that attention they seek.

asoebiguest female top 1 33d53ec7

Cape/train style. They are designed to look like a bridal gown in a subtle manner. They can either be attached to the dress top on the hip.

asoebiguest female top 2 fa067962

Slit style. Torn to show those amazingly toned legs. A style as old as time and not fading away anytime soon. 

asoebiguest female top 5 ccb1d20f

Ruffles. Beautiful gathers matched together to give a bouquet of colours. They are mostly used for skirts fulling to enrich the beauty of the style.

asoebiguest female top 7 1bacf7f1

Translucent style. This is are materials majorly made with net and floral embroidery pattern. They are lined halfway to expose the legs and maybe part of the bust. The easy to wear and convenient 

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