Asoebi, an integral part of a Nigerian Wedding

asoebiguest_Deola and hubby wed-9312f2b1

It is a norm in Nigeria that every weekend brings us the finest and extravagant weddings. It is a right of passage so to speak, and this weekend was not left out. We witnessed beautiful weddings of the creme-de-la-creme which broke the internet and got the Nigerians talking.

Deola Smart and Malivelihood.

This has become a usual occurrence which could make one question one’s attendance to weddings or  Sometimes, you may need to take a pause to see why you haven’t been invited to a wedding in a while. It is that serious!

Williams Uchemba and Wife

There is this excitement about attending weddings. As a guest, you should be prepared to spend and slay in those great Asoebi dresses and attires. And not to forget, the gele and banging make-up for our African beauties.

As a guest, you need to shine as much as the couples. This is not about being in a competition, it is about making the day memorable for the couples, and adding colours and beauty to the wedding ambience in terms of clothing and aesthetics.

A  wedding which covers a sea of gorgeous regalia on the part of the couple as well as the guest is a very important accept of the ceremony in a Nigerian wedding.


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