Stunning Nigerian Brides In Their Traditional Wedding Regalia

When it is that time to get ready for the wedding and have fun with family and friends, Nigerian traditional wedding majorly focus on the bride. She is the main attraction and the belle of the ceremony. She must look exquisitely ravishing to her groom and everyone.

Covered in her native traditional wedding attire to show her beauty and give everyone a feeling of what to come. Our brides always look glamorous and they show the dexterity of the culture they represent.

traditional wedding


The Yoruba Bride’s Traditional Wedding Regalia

Every Yoruba traditional marriage is an eye-catching, colorful, elegant, and sleek affair thanks to well-designed Yoruba traditional wedding wear and costumes. On the big day, people always pay close attention to the color of the day and the couple’s attire. The type of jewelry the bride chooses to wear as decoration is something else to watch out for.

yoruba bride traditional wedding attire

yoruba bride traditional wedding attire

yoruba traditional wedding

The Igbo Bride’s Traditional Wedding Regalia

We’re back with yet another Igbo bride-specific traditional wedding outfit. One of Nigeria’s three principal tribes is known as “Igbo”. The South Eastern region of Nigeria is where the Igbo people originated. Wrapper and blouse make up the traditional wedding attire for Igbo brides.

traditional wedding attire for igbo bride

igbo traditional wedding

traditional wedding attire for igbo ladies

The genuine set of coral beads serves as the focal point of both the bride and the groom’s ensembles. The bride adorns herself with beads around her neck, ear, ankle, and in her hair. A coral bead is worn by the grooms on their wrist and neck. Igbo brides today often don a dress or a George wrapper and blouse combo. Are you an aspiring Igbo bride looking for wedding-day outfit ideas?

The Hausa/Fulani Bride’s Traditional Wedding Regalia

The bride stays indoors on the wedding day with her friends and older women while being decorated with Lalle (kunshi), also known as Hienna.

Additionally, she is having her makeup and jewelry done. The bride looks as stunning as an angel because to the excellent Hausa/Fulani makeup.

fulani traditional wedding attire

Fulani Traditional Wedding Regalia

hausa bride traditional wedding

The  South-South Bride’s Traditional Wedding Regalia

Akwa Ibom, Bayelsa, Cross River, Delta, Edo, and Rivers are the states that make up South South Nigeria, a region of Nigeria.  There are multiple different tribes in this area such as Ika, itshekiri Ukwuani Aniocha, Ijaw, Urhobo, Isoko, Ozanogogo, and Abavo.

Unlike bridal attire from all the other regions, the color of the fabric will reveal what tribe the bride is from. The Middle Belt bride traditional wedding attire is very identical from tribe to tribe. Our south southern sisters have a wide variety of traditional marriage regalia which differs from one tribe to another. The states that make up this region each have their own unique wedding traditions and costumes.

traditional wedding attire for delta-igbo ladies

The Middle Belt Bride’s Traditional Wedding Regalia

Benue, Kogi, Kwara, Nasarawa, Niger, Plateau, and the Federal Capital Territory are the states that make up this region, which is also referred to as the Middle Belt. The following are a list of some of the middle-belt tribes: Adara, Ebira, Gbagyi, Idoma, Igala, Nupe, Tiv and so on.

The color of the fabric will reveal what tribe the bride is from. The Middle Belt bride traditional wedding attire is very identical from tribe to tribe.

traditional wedding

traditional wedding

idoma traditional wedding attire

Tiv Traditional wedding attire

It makes one appreciate these cultures and even yarn to attend weddings the more.

We are expecting you to take lots of pictures, get new Asoebi inspiration styles, and most importantly, enjoy your weekend.

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