Costume Burlesque as Nigeria Celebrities Look Jaunt

In the Nigerian entertainment industry, becoming a celebrity is no easy task. It is associated with a sense of affluence and a luxury lifestyle. In an unfavorable economic context, such as Nigeria’s, celebrities must diversify their sources of income to avoid paying taxes and losing money due to piracy.

 Zamunda, Zamunda, Zamunda! What a glorious kingdom to shoot from. This is the idea behind the costume showcased last night by Nigeria celebrities.


As the biopic Coming 2 America II premiere was procured, public figures and well-known names took this as an opportunity to show their support and love for the movie altogether.

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It was a display of attires and designs never to be seen before. Aiming to match the theme of the movie, a parade of original draperies and detailed ornaments was the order of the day.

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The internet was awash with who was wearing what and who was in attendance.

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Seen looking glamourous was BBN’s Prince, Nengi, Vee, Mercy Eke, Kimoprah and Cee-c.

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We also caught sight of Stephanie Coker amongst others.

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It was indeed a night to remember and a show of cultural appreciation

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