Did you Know The Different Type Of Asoebi Lace?

Everyone loves to be seen in Asoebi lace. Albeit, do you know that the Asoebi materials used are made of lace and these laces vary from each other.

They are majorly imported from European countries which makes them expensive to purchase and hence the wish to wear them on special occasions only. Today, we take you through the different most worn lace to Owambe.


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The Cord Asoebi Lace

This is a type of lace material that has beige embroidery on it. The material is so carted with floral designs that they are very heavy to the hand and even on the wearer. This lace is exceptionally beautiful and comes with the brightest of color.

Aso ebi

Net Asoebi Lace

A famous kind of net. Used by many especially the ladies as it gives room for different styles. The material is like a net with designs on it, noticeably light to carry, and so on its wearer. The patterns on this lace do not cover the full body thus a full bodily lining must be done before it is worn.

Aso ebi

Sequin Asoebi Lace

Another type of lace could be both heavy and light depending on the amount of sequin added to design the material. This type comes in a bead of sequin mixed with hues. Although this is not used by the Asoebi squad, it is still very much wanted in high demand.

Floral Asoebi Lace

This is a lace material whose patterns and made of floral prints. They are mostly used for the bride’s white wedding dress and as a finishing or added material to another type of lace.

They are lace which can be used on outings, casual dates, and even to official meetings if it is paired correctly. Summarized above is the most worn lace to weddings. As a party lover, which would you go for? Let us know in the comment section.

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1 Comment

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