What is an Asoebi wedding without our able men giving us back-to-back? Even with all that went down in the year 2020, our men did not leave any stone unturned.


They are majorly two types of styles that men wear when coming for occasions like this. It is either they appear in Agbada known in English as the Grand BouBou or they grace the ceremony in tailored embroidered native.



This native is made of a material called Guinea, while the Agbada is sometimes made of Aso-oke. These outfits are sewed to perfection and they showcase the magnificently carved body of its wearer. 

It can be deduced that our men love to look elegant. Therefore, they ensure to look their best even though most of the time, these ensembles come out simple. The specifics of the clothing would only but make you know that the wearer oozes class.