Local Delicacies Served at Owambe Wedding

We all know that the mouth-watering foods offered make our Owambe wedding more enjoyable, no matter how much we talk about fashion and slaying for it.

When the excitement of the party has died down, the delicacies served to the guests are what keep the enthusiasm flowing. This is commonly referred to as item 7.


Aside from the brilliant Aso ebi spectacle, one thing to anticipate at a typical Nigerian wedding is the food.

The food, of course! It is extremely vital for any and all events. There will be muttering no matter how enthralling the party is if the attendees’ stomach infrastructure is not properly cared to.

Puff-Puff, Samosa, Spring rolls, Gizzard, Plantain Mosa, and other dishes are the most common. They are made small, hot, and ready to eat.

We have to tell you that these delights are to die for, which is why they are so important for special occasions. The finger meal known as Small chops is a typical source of delectable treats. These are appetizers that can be served before the main entrée.

Now, the main course is determined by the tribe of the partners. Chow such as Amala and Ewedu, Semo and Efo riro, Jollof rice, Wheat and Efo Elegusi, Ofada rice, and others can be found in a Yoruba context.


Abacha, Fufu and Egusi, White soup, Yellow garri, and other traditional Igbo wedding meals will be served. Look for Tuwo Chikanfa, Dan Wake, Fanke, Tuwo, and Taushe soup in a Hausa context, among other things.

The list of meals is endless. What you see on the menu is totally determined by the couples’ tribe, race, and culture.

To further provide their invitees preference, all tribes have embraced international chows. Without these meals, an Owambe would be bland and uninteresting.

Are you going to any weddings today? What would you order from the menu, and what would you order?

More Delicacies Served at Owambe Wedding

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