Many of us know that the business of makeup is common with the female folk albeit, there are few men in this artistry who are doing well for themselves. One such individual is the infamous man with the saint to his name. 

Whose art is a different breed entirely, and this has given him the opportunity to work with the top figures in the country.

He is Olajide David Okerayi code-named Jide of St. Ola.  An Abuja based makeup artist, founder and CEO of ST. Ola makeup studio.

Jide is doing so well for himself and proving many that passion supersedes being macho. He is very good at his craft and this made him sought after by the crème-de-la-crème in and out of Abuja.

He is an inspiration to many guys who have always wanted to go into the occupations tagged to be feminine but can’t, due to the discrimination faced.

What more can we say than whatever you love to do, do it well. Master your craft and know that the sky is your starting point.