Nigerian Man Marries Lebanese Lady Wearing Àgbàdá He Ordered Online

A Nigerian shared a story of his Relative who recently got married in Labanon dressed in his native three piece Àgbàdá, Buba and ṣòkòtò he ordered on Etsy global online marketplace.

Àgbàdá is a very popular African Men native clothing style with very wide sleeves on the outer garment. The inner long sleeve top is called buba while the trousers is referred to as ṣòkòtò.


In West Africa Àgbàdá is a very popular and prestigious clothing which is worn to very important occasions like wedding, coronation ceremonies etc

The Yorùbás are the original makers of Àgbàdá, however other tribes in African either have their own variations or have adopted the fashion style.

Online fashion hubs have bridged the gap between aso ebi designers and their end users who are based overseas. Therefore, we call on fashion designers to begin to consider exporting their products.

Fashion hub like Esty, Afrikea, Dupsies etc have created endless market for African cloth makers it now left for them to sign up and explore the opportunities and possibilities these platforms makes available for them.


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