As a human on planet earth, we are saddled with some activities that we cannot put off. One of such is making long-lasting friendships and having a companion by our side. These deeds are necessities to the human race and existence. We need each other to get to our various goals. 

As today is another vibrant Saturday, we have decided to applause the efforts of the stunning women who make our wedding ceremonies loud and festive. These ladies are the ones we call the Asoebi ladies or the brides geng.

They storm our various events in all sorts of styles and are ready to pepper the men as well as snagging a prospective on the shelf. They make the wedding exciting and always stand by the bride. You can call them the brides friend’s or acquaintances. 

They add glamour and pride to the bride who would be very much anxious on her wedding day. Their dance steps give her ginger to Gbe body and forget all that is going on around her.

Today, we celebrate these women who go all out to make their friend’s day a happy one. You are loved and appreciated.