The various Ethnic groups in Nigeria II.

Nigeria, the most populous nation in Africa with diverse tribes and ethnicity. It has in total two hundred and fifty ethnic groups scattered all over its borders.

In this second series, we take you through the various ethnic groups in the country. The top eight ethnic groups with large numbers are as follows, 

 Yoruba (23%), Hausa (21%), Igbo (18%), Ijaw (5%), Fulani (3%), Ibibio (2.8%), Tiv (2.2%), Kanuri (1.7%) others constitute 23% in total.

Here is a second part list of the various ethnic groups and where they can be found?

Ankwei Plateau State

Anyima Cross River State

Atyap (Kataf/Katab, Attakar, Kagoro, Kafanchan, Marwa/Manchok) Kaduna State

Auyoka (Sub-Hausa) Jigawa State

Awori Lagos State, Ogun State

Ayu Kaduna State

Bura-Pabir Adamawa State, Borno State, Yobe State

Bachama Adamawa State

Bachere Cross River State

Bada Plateau State

Bade Yobe State

Baggara Arabs Borno State

Bahumono Cross River State

Bakulung Taraba State

Bali Taraba State

Bambora (Bambarawa) Bauchi State

Bambuko Taraba State

Bajju (Kaje, Kajji) Kaduna State

Banda (Bandawa) Taraba State

Banka (Bankalawa) Bauchi State

Banso (Panso) Adamawa State

Bara (Barawa) Bauchi State

Barke Bauchi State

Baruba (Batonu) Kwara State, Niger State

Bashiri (Bashirawa) Plateau State

Bassa Kaduna State, Kogi State, Niger State, Plateau State

Batta Adamawa State

Baushi Niger State

Baya Adamawa State

Bekwarra Cross River

Bele (Buli, Belewa) Bauchi State

Information sourced from Wikipedia.