The various Ethnic groups in Nigeria III

Still, on the path of getting familiar with the ethnic groups in Nigeria, we take you on a part three lookbook.

Conversely, we must reiterate that there are top eight ethnic groups who are the most prominently known with the population to boot. They are as follows ranking from the first to the least.

 Yoruba (23%), Hausa (21%), Igbo (18%), Ijaw (5%), Fulani (3%), Ibibio (2.8%), Tiv (2.2%), Kanuri (1.7%) others constitute 23% in total.

Here is a list of the various ethnic communities we are not so conversant with and where they can be found?

Berom (Birom) Plateau State

Betso (Bete) Taraba State

Bette Cross River State

Bilei Adamawa State

Bille Rivers State

Bina (Binawa) Kaduna State

Bini (Edo) Edo State

Bobua Taraba State

Boki (Nki) Cross River State

Bokkos Plateau State

Boko (Bussawa, Bargawa) Niger State

Bole (Bolewa) Bauchi State, Yobe State

Botlere Adamawa State

Boma (Bomawa, Burmano) Bauchi State

Bomboro Bauchi State

Buduma Borno State,

Buji Plateau State

Buli Bauchi State

Bunu Kogi State

Bura-Pabir Adamawa State, Borno State, Yobe State

Burak Bauchi State

Burma (Burmawa) Plateau State

Buru Yobe State

Buta (Butawa) Bauchi State

Bwall Plateau State

Bwatiye Adamawa State

Bwazza Adamawa State

Challa Plateau State

Chama (Chamawa Fitilai) Bauchi State

Chamba Taraba State

Chamo Bauchi State

Chibok (Kibaku) Borno State, Yobe State

Chinine Borno State

Chip Plateau State

Chokobo Plateau State

Chukkol Taraba State

Daba Adamawa State

Dadiya Bauchi State

Daka Adamawa State

Dakarkari Kebbi State, Niger State

Danda (Dandawa) Kebbi State

Dangsa Taraba State

Daza (Dere, Derewa) Bauchi State

Deno (Denawa) Bauchi State

Dghwede Borno State

Diba Taraba State

Doemak (Dumuk) Plateau State

Ouguri Bauchi State

Duka (Dukawa) Kebbi State

Duma (Dumawa) Bauchi State

Ebana (Ebani) Rivers State

Ebira Edo State, Kogi State, Ondo State

Ebu Edo State, Kogi State

Ebu Edo State, Kogi State

Efik Cross River State

Egbema Rivers State

Egede (Igedde) Benue State

Eggon Nasarawa State

Egun (Gu) Lagos State, Ogun State

Ejagham Cross River State

Ekajuk Cross River State

Eket Akwa Ibom

Information drawn from Wikipedia.