The various Ethnic groups in Nigeria V.

We continue our series on getting acquainted with the different ethnicity in Nigeria. Here is a part five atlas for your enlightenment.

Moving forward, we must reiterate that there are top eight prominent ethnic groups known with a large population to boot. They are as follows ranking from the first to the least.

 Yoruba (23%), Hausa (21%), Igbo (18%), Ijaw (5%), Fulani (3%), Ibibio (2.8%), Tiv (2.2%), Kanuri (1.7%) others constitute 23% in total.

Here is a list of the various ethnic communities we are not so conversant with and where they can be found?

Idoma Benue State, Cross River State, Kogi State, Nassarawa State

Igala Kogi State

Igbo [[Abia State], Anambra State, Benue state, Cross River, Delta State, Ebonyi State, Edo State, Enugu State, Imo State, Kogi state, Rivers State

Ijumu Kogi State

Ika Delta State

Ikom Cross River State

Ikwerre Rivers State

Irigwe Plateau State

Iman Akwa Ibom State

Isoko Delta State, Bayelsa State

Isekiri (Itsekiri) Delta State

Itu Akwa Ibom State

Itu Mbio Uso Akwa Ibom State

Iyala (Iyalla) Cross River State

Izon (Ijaw) Bayelsa State, Delta State, Edo State, Ondo State, Rivers State

Jahuna (Jahunawa) Taraba State

Jaku Bauchi State

Jara (Jaar Jarawa Jarawa-Dutse) Bauchi State

Jere (Jare, Jera, Jera, Jerawa) Bauchi State, Plateau State

Jero Taraba State


Adamawa State


Plateau State

Jimbin (Jimbinawa)

Bauchi State

Jirai Adamawa State

Joinkrama Rivers State

Jonjo (Jenjo) Taraba State

Jukun Bauchi State, Benue State, Plateau State, Taraba State


Taraba State

Kalabari Rivers State

Kajuru (Kajurawa) Kaduna State

Kaka Adamawa State

Kamaku (Karnukawa) Kaduna State, Kebbi State, Niger State

Kambari Kebbi State, Niger State

Kambu Adamawa State

Kamwe Adamawa State and Borno State (Republic of Cameroon)

Kanakuru (Dera) Adamawa State, Borno State

Kanembu Borno State

Kanikon Kaduna State

Kantana Plateau State

Kanuri Adamawa State, Borno State, Taraba State, Yobe State

Karekare (Karaikarai) Bauchi State, Yobe State

Karimjo Taraba State

Kariya Bauchi State

Ke Rivers State

Kenern (Koenoem) Plateau State

Kenton Taraba State

Kiballo (Kiwollo) Kaduna State

Kilba Adamawa State

Kirfi (Kirfawa) Bauchi State

Kodei Taraba State

Kona Taraba State

Koro (Kwaro) Kaduna State, Niger State

Kubi (Kubawa) Bauchi State

Kudachano (Kudawa) Bauchi State

Kugama Taraba State

Kugbo Rivers State

Kulere (Kaler) Plateau State

Kunini Taraba State

Kurama(Akurmi) Kaduna State, Jigawa State

Kurdul Adamawa State

Kushi Bauchi State

Kuteb Taraba State

Kutin Taraba State

Kwalla Plateau State

Kwami (Kwom) Bauchi State

Kwanchi Taraba State

Kadung Bauchi State, Plateau State

Kwaro Plateau State

Kwato Plateau State

Kyenga (Kengawa) Kebbi State

Laaru (Larawa) Niger State

Lakka Adamawa State

Lala Adamawa State

Lama Taraba State

Lamja Taraba State

Lau Taraba State

Limono Bauchi State, Plateau State

Lopa (Lupa, Lopawa) Niger State

Longuda (Lunguda) Adamawa State, Bauchi State

Mabo Plateau State

Mada Kaduna State, Plateau State

Mama Plateau State

Mambilla Adamawa State

Mandara (Wandala) Borno State

Manga (Mangawa) Yobe State

Margi (Marghi) Adamawa State, Borno State

Maffa Adamawa State, Borno State

Mbembe Cross River State, Enugu State

Mbol Adamawa State

Mbube Cross River State

Mbula Adamawa State

Mbum Taraba State

Memyang (Meryan) Plateau State

Milighili (Mighili) Plateau State

Miya (Miyawa) Bauchi State

Mobber Borno State

Montol Plateau State

Moruwa (Moro’a, Morwa) Kaduna State

Muchaila Adamawa State


Taraba State

Mundang Adamawa State

Munga (Lelau) Taraba State

Munga (Mupang) Plateau State

Mupun Plateau State

Mushere Plateau State

Mwahavul (Mwaghavul) Plateau State

Ndoro Taraba State

Ngas (Angas) Plateau State, Bauchi State

Ngizim Yobe State

Ngweshe (Ndhang.Ngoshe-Ndhang) Adamawa State, Borno State Nsit Akwa Ibom, Nyam Taraba State

Nyiffon Benue State

Ningi (Ningawa) Bauchi State

Ninzam (Ninzo) Kaduna State, Plateau State

Njayi Adamawa State

Nkim Cross River State

Nkum Cross River State

Nokere (Nakere) Plateau State

Nunku Kaduna State, Plateau State

Nupe Kogi State, Kwara State, Niger State

Nyandang Taraba State

Obolo Rivers State, Akwa Ibom

Ododop Cross River

Ogori Kogi State

Ogoni Akwa Ibom State, Rivers State

Ogba Rivers State

Okobo (Okkobor) Akwa Ibom State

Okirika Rivers State

Okpamheri Edo State

Okpe Edo State

Okpe Delta State

Olukumi Delta State

Oron Akwa Ibom State

Owan Edo State

Owe Kogi State

Oworo Kogi State

Pa’a (Pa’awa Afawa) Bauchi State

Pai Plateau State

Panyam Taraba State

Pero Bauchi State

Pire Adamawa State

Pkanzom Taraba State

Poll Taraba State

Polchi Habe Bauchi State

Data used collated and sourced from Wikipedia.