The various Ethnic groups in Nigeria VI

We continue our series on getting acquainted with the different ethnicity in Nigeria. Here is part six and the final lookbook for your enlightenment.

Moving forward, we must reiterate that there are top eight prominent ethnic groups known with a large population to boot. They are as follows ranking from the first to the least.

 Yoruba (23%), Hausa (21%), Igbo (18%), Ijaw (5%), Fulani (3%), Ibibio (2.8%), Tiv (2.2%), Kanuri (1.7%) others constitute 23% in total.

Here is a list of the various ethnic communities we are not so conversant with and where they can be found?

Pongo (Pongu)  Niger State

Potopo Taraba State

Pyapun (Piapung)            Plateau State

Qua        Cross River State

Rebina (Rebinawa)          Bauchi State

Reshe   Kebbi State, Niger State

Rindire (Rendre)              Plateau State

Rishuwa               Kaduna State

Ron        Plateau State

Rubu     Niger State

Rukuba Plateau State

Rumada               Kaduna State

Rumaya                Kaduna State

Sakbe    Taraba State

Sanga    Bauchi State

Sate       Taraba State

Saya (Sayawa Za’ar)         Bauchi State, Kaduna State, Plateau State

Segidi (Sigidawa)              Bauchi State

Shanga (Shangawa)         Kebbi State

Shangawa (ShanKadunagau)       Plateau State

Shan-Shan          Plateau State

Shira (Shira )       Bauchi State

Shomo  Taraba State

Shuwa  Adamawa State, Borno State, Kaduna State, Yobe State

Sikdi       Plateau State

Siri (Sirawa)        Bauchi State

Srubu (Surubu) Kaduna State

Sukur    Adamawa State

Sura       Plateau State

Tangale Gombe State

Tarok     Plateau State, Taraba State

Teme    Adamawa State

Tera (Terawa)    Bauchi State, Borno State

Teshena (Teshenawa)    Kano State

Tigon     Taraba State

Tikar      Taraba State

Tiv          Benue State, FCT, Nasarawa State, Niger State, Plateau State, Taraba State

Tula        Gombe State

Tur         Adamawa State

Ubbo     Adamawa State

Udekeama          Rivers State

Ufia        Benue State

Ukelle   Cross River State

Ukwani (Kwale) Delta State

Uncinda               Kaduna State, Kebbi State, Niger State,

Uneme (Ineme) Edo State

Ura (Ula)              Niger State

Urhobo Delta State, Bayelsa State.

Utonkong            Benue State

Uyanga Cross River State

Vemgo Adamawa State

Verre    Adamawa State

Vommi Taraba State

Wagga  Adamawa State

Waja      Bauchi State

Waka     Taraba State

Warja (Warja)    Bauchi State

Warji     Bauchi State

Wurbo  Adamawa State

Wurkun                Taraba State

Yache    Cross River State

Yagba    Kogi State

Yakurr (Yako)     Cross River State

Yalla       Benue State

Yandang               Adamawa State, Taraba State

Yergan (Yergum)              Plateau State

Yoruba  Ekiti State, Kogi State, Kwara State, Lagos State, Ogun State, Ondo State, Osun State, Oyo State

Yott        Taraba State

Yumu    Niger State

Yungur  Adamawa State

Yuom    Plateau State

Zabara  Niger State

Zaranda                Bauchi State

Zarma (Zarmawa)            Kebbi State

Zayam (Zeam)   Bauchi State

Zul (Zulawa)       Bauchi State

Information used was drawn from Wikipedia.