Millennials Have Found Numerous Uses For Ankara Fabrics

You can discover someone sporting accessories made from ankara fabric to go with their outfits at every turn and around every corner.

These props are used as fashion statements. They range from bags, bangles, earrings, purses, neckpieces, and many more. They have become a thing of importance that everyone tagged to the younger generation have adopted to be a lifestyle.

Ankara fabric

You wouldn’t want to step out looking like a plain jane while your best buds are moving with the trend. Get yourself some African fabric accessories as soon as you read this. I dare to say, It is a must-have for every millennial.

How Versatile Is The Ankara Fabrics?

Ankara is a fabric that may be used to create a wide variety of objects, including hats, bags, earrings, blazers, and shoes, to name a few. Fashion companies and fabric manufacturers have created Ankara prints on materials including chiffon, silk, and spandex for clothes like askafans, iro and bubas, bathing suits, sports bars, leggings, and socks to make the fabric even more flexible.

Ankara fabrics

Fabrics with Ankara prints are created using the batik wax-resist dyeing method from Indonesia. Using this technique, a pattern is produced by “resisting” the dye from covering the entire fabric.

Although ankara print fabrics can be worn on a regular basis, many people save wearing them for special events since they view them as formal attire. For important events like birthdays, weddings, balls, etc., some individuals dress in it as “Aso ebi.”

Asoebi ankara fabric

In Nigerian, the word “aso ebi” is used to refer to family clothing. When celebrating a big occasion, family, relatives, and close acquaintances typically dress similarly.

However, millennial have out of ingenuity discovered many other items or accessories that can be made from ankara fabric such as hats, bags, earrings, blazers and shoes to name a few;

Ankara fabric

Ankara fabric


Ankara fabric

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