Paranoia, Twitter wars, financial and career breakdowns is the order of the day on social media as fans of singer Burna Boy and the ace footballer Obafemi Martins clash.

The query all began when indigenous rapper CDQ tweeted about Burna’s disrespect to the expert footballer. 


According to the rhymer, Burna boy was overstepping his boundary and had no right to insult the legend who had been in existence even before Burna came to the limelight.

This conversely, did not sit well with the fans leading to slurs thrown at CDQ and a bit of advice for him not to interfere. The dissing from the musician’s fans thus began the comparison on the basis of wealth by many as a countermeasure.

A breakdown of Obafemi’s earns was displayed and several began to key in with the narrative that the footballer was better to do and hence was not on Burna’s level.

Reaction from some others who stated that musicians can be wealthier than footballers, bring in the likes of Jay Z, Kanye West and Diddy who have been declared billionaires by Forbes.

The dialogue was not about to end as football fans stated that the wealth of these artistes was not tied to music alone rather they had investments too. Whereas, footballers make money in euro and pounds weekly coupled with the endorsements and ambassadorial deals they get.

We must let you know this isn’t about to end soon and you can as well follow the trend with the #Obafemi Martins on Twitter to witness the analysis by tweebs