Sentiments are high, dialogues are been held, insults hurled between the crowds on social media upon the note penned down by actress Angela Eguavoen over the news of music Mogul Don Jazzy’s new mansion.

It was rather unexpected when the note was shared on blogs of the actress attacking many for congratulating the Don rather than chastising him as they would regularly have done to a female colleague.

Angela cut to the chase telling off several who always questioned the success of female entertainers and indulged in cooking up lies to soil their names.

She went further to congratulate hardworking women and asked them to stay winning and committed.

The write up came across to many as unnecessary and unfounded seeing that the individual who was been celebrated was a veteran producer in the industry and has several deals and ambassadorships to his name.

It was considered an ill-advised comparison which was baseless and unrealistic by all.