The Big Brother Nigeria lockdown housemates and couple Neo and Vee were dubbed snubs by Legacy TV worker Henry Sklue.

The mayhem began when the presenter took to the gram to share his candid opinion towards the lovebird’s reaction when he tried to get an interview with Neo.

According to Henry, the couple acted rudely and their attitude he likened to gutter like. These comments however weren’t very much welcome by fans as they took to calling the anchor names in the comment box.

It seemed like that wasn’t the end as Neo also Tweeted saying if he hadn’t been a good Christian, violence would have taken place on his part to the presenter.

One would think that was the end but Vee also reacted to this malicious statement via her Twitter handle stating the unprofessionalism of the host being appalling.

Neo who was in his lover’s mentions earnestly showed his support to the tweet.

I guess this is why they call the pair the Nigerian Bonnie and Clyde as fans began to laud the twosome for always having each other’s back ever since the reality show and out.

Their supporters went on to advise they neglect the host who needed them to shine and get attention.