Simple Ankara Secondary School Girls House Wear

African schools offer’s the Ankara house dress to its girls today, things will start to change. This concept, which thrilled many people, shows that things will be better than we anticipate. Moreover, Africans are embracing the beauty hidden in the ashes.

Witnessing a day like this indicates that change is about to sweep the world, and soon people will be wearing African materials to work and for official occasions. As we wait at a period like this, our hopes are high.


We frequently have debates about incorporating local customs into our daily lives. There have been discussions about the importance of uniformly acknowledging our pre-colonial heritage and culture.

Discussions have been held from generation to generation on the subject of our way of life, associations, dressings, and other aspects being disrupted without our consent, but no action has been made in this direction.

Ankara Wears


1 Comment

1 Comment

  1. Those secondary school now use Ankara wears as their school uniforms or what? Anyway it look good on them and I love it.

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