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The largest ethnic group in South Africa is the Zulu, who identify as “the people of the heavens.” In KwaZulu-Natal, there are an estimated 10 million Zulu people.

The Zulu people speak isiZulu, and there are around 10 million native speakers in South Africa. Under Shaka’s rule, they united to form a vast kingdom in the 19th century.

Zulu Ladies

What attire do Zulu ladies wear?

The way that women dress reflects their marital status. A Zulu woman who is available and single displays her pride in her physique by flaunting it and donning skirts made of grass or cotton strings with beadwork.

Zulu Ladies

Zulu Ladies

A married woman will cover her body to let people know that she is with someone else. As a symbol of respect for her in-laws, a Zulu lady who is engaged will grow her hair naturally and cover her chest with beautiful cloth.

What customs are a part of Zulu culture?

Zulu celebrations are not complete without the sound of the drums, which are always accompanied by dancing and chanting. A black clay pot and goatskin that has been cleansed and stripped of its hair are the main components of the ingungu drum.

You must place a flattened reed piece on the drum and vibrate it with both hands to play it. A young woman’s first period is celebrated with the playing of the ingungu.

Travel guide to Zululand

Famous national parks and private nature reserves may be found throughout Zululand. Additionally, there are several noteworthy historical, cultural, and coastal attractions in the region.

Zululand is typically usually very warm in September, but afternoon thundershowers can happen, so bring summer clothing, a raincoat, or an umbrella.

Photos of Zulu Ladies

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