34 Latest Ankara Cold Shoulder Dress Ideas For Stylish Ladies

The cold shoulder dress is one truly underrated Ankara dress that has been trending lately. The cold shoulder look is one of the trends we notice among people of all shapes and sizes. When wearing a top or dress, at least a portion (and possibly all) of your shoulder will be visible.

The cold shoulder dress has been around for a while now and a lot of dressmakers are doing a lot to incorporate this design into as many dress styles as possible.

Ankara cold shoulder dress style

Ankara dress styles that work well with cold shoulder designs

There are numerous Ankara dress styles that cold shoulder design will suit perfectly, however, for the sake of this article we will just mention a few.

Sheath cold shoulder dress

Sheath dresses are very similar and relatable dress styles, almost every lady has one in their wardrobe. Adding a cold shoulder design to a sheath dress could enhance its overall look and make look more sophisticated and stylish.

A-line cold shoulder dress

A-line dresses got their name from their look. It has a tighter silhouette from the top and spreads out symmetrically to resemble the shape of the letter A. An A-line dress with a cold shoulder is always beautiful and it looks more appealing when the dress has a little ruffle at the bottom hemline, this helps to strike a balance between the cold shoulder design at the upper part of the dress.

Cold shoulder dress style

Single sleeve cold shoulder dress

The application of a cold shoulder design to only a single sleeve of a dress creates an eye-catching aesthetic to the overall look of the dress. This kind of mashup will turn out best with short or midi Ankara gowns. It will also be best for younger ladies who don’t mind getting everyone’s attention.

Cold shoulder dress style

Halter neck cold shoulder dress

Having and halterneck dress with a cold shoulder finish is one of the most intriguing applications of these dress designs. It feels almost like whoever came up with the cold shoulder dress style had the halter neck design in mind because the two styles look so perfect together as they tend to complement one another.

Ankara cold shoulder dress style


Rompers cold shoulder dress

It is not surprising to see cold shoulder designs attached to rompers, ladies who desire a playful/fun look love these pieces of onesies, and as we already know rompers are also a kind of playsuit. The application of a cold shoulder design to this dress type brings more feminine flair to this very casual outfit.Cold shoulder dress style

More fascinating Ankara cold shoulder dress styles

Ankara cold shoulder dress style

Cold shoulder dress style

Cold shoulder dress style

Cold shoulder dress style

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