Ankara styles that can be rocked in other environs

There is this dilemma when it comes to picking styles for our Ankara fabric. This quandary is majorly due to the society we have found ourselves in, and we know it is important to dress according to one’s environment to avoid harassment and disrespect. They say, ‘dress the way you want to be addressed’.

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Many of this impasse, is the fact that we would want to wear the dress sewed for weddings to church, social gatherings, burials, and other events.

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If this is not put into consideration one may just have to sew, wear once, and not wear it again.

At the end of the day, we cannot all be public figures, hence the importance of always choosing a style that befits other occasions and places.

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We put together beautiful styles you can wear anywhere at any time and still look amazing and respected.

Check them out and research more styles to this effect.

Happy weekend.

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