Fashionista – Wax Print Edition of 2manysiblings’ Thrift Social

Kenyan brother and sister combo fashionista Papa Petit and Velma Rossa of 2manysiblings founded the Thrift Social as a forum for innovation and the discovery of art, music, and fashion, while also offering ideas for Nairobi creative sector entrepreneurs.

Velma Rossa and Oliver Asike (aka Papa Petit )’s ascension is Africa’s defining online stunning success in the fashion and art industry. The team goes by the name 2manysiblings, and the success they’ve achieved from publishing their ensembles on Tumblr since 2013, having starred in Vogue and styling some of the continent’s largest fashion events, is nothing short of inspiring for other young visual designers.


Kenyan duo – Oliver Asike (Papa Petit) and Velma Rossa

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Velma Rossa

Velma Rossa is a photographer, art director, and walking vintage fashion moodboard. Her style has an eye-catching quirkiness to it, as well as a simple, effortless demeanor. She thrifts all over Nairobi with her brother, Oliver, collecting one-of-a-kind artifacts and mixing them with her own distinct twist.

Her photography focuses on bringing the richness of Nairobian community and space to the forefront, shooting candid shots of the city and the countryside, gathering and recreating archive footage of people, and processing it with a smooth operating filter.


Oliver Asike

To put it simply, Oliver Asike is a creative designer, fashion stylist, and visionary. He is not only influenced by classic materials and decorations, but his styling implementations are also modernly formal. His style is noticeably different from that of his sister.

After receiving well-deserved international acclaim for their creative work, 2manysiblings has put their thrifting journey on the global map. They’ve cooperated with a multinational apparel business thanks to Oliver’s creative work and Velma’s sense for fashion.

Fashionista 2manysiblings’ Thrift Social Photos



Velma Rossa


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