It is a thing of pride to be associated with the best of the best in Fashion. Not only because they are Nigerians, but because they have taken the Nigeria textile and made it global.  

One of those many talents is the extinguished Lanre Da-Saliva Ajayi. A woman whose talent has gotten her far and gained her features on international runaways, designer stores, and magazines. 

Lanre is one of the top creatives in Nigeria that creates amazing styles from African draperies. She is recognized for Metallics fibers and lace, Mid-20th century and Victorian era-inspired style.

We believe her inspiration stems from her study days in Europe. This exposure gives her an edge and influences are motifs. 

We are so happy to have a product like Lanre, representing and doing not only Nigeria but the African culture proud.

Our fingers are crossed as we await her new collection which would be extraordinary as usual.