Mai Atafo, a Designer with an African heart.

If there was another word for the pride that sums up how elated we are writing about this amazing creative Mai Atafo, we would be happy to put such a word to use.

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Atafo who is a definition of ‘Inbuilt Talent’ shows us how it is truly done. The designer, who once worked with the marketing department at the British American tobacco upon his return to Nigeria from the United Kingdom in 2002 has now become a force to reckon with in the world of fashion in and out of Nigeria.

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Atafo resigned from working 9 to 5 after moving from one company to the other to establish this great name we know today.

Indeed, one cannot achieve its full potentials if one does not follow one’s passion. Today, Mai is a brand that is doing extremely well and has worked with top names in the country.

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Mai ensures that his piece showcases gentlemanliness, beauty, class, and culture. The list of his accolades is endless, but we are glad such a name sprung from African. 

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