Nose mask, an Asoebi Fashion Statement.

We say one pandemic at a time, but it seems like our fashion geniuses are having none of that. We fully agree that the covid has got nothing on fashion, rather, it has given it wings to fly.

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Many are left with their mouths agape with how creatives have made outstanding trends from this mess.

We have seen designers sew African fabrics into nose masks to ensure the party goes on while keeping safe. This way there is no stopping that owambe from taking place.

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It is a thing of joy, to see how beautifully the outcome of these textiles made the nose mask look on its wearer. The greatest thing about it all is how this has helped to balance the price hike of the industrial nose mask in the market.

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It gladdens our hearts that even in the midst of the heartache, we can still find a light at the end of the tunnel. 

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