Our Gallant Men Slaying In Their Aso Ebi Attires

Nigerians men are known to be very creative and audacious. This can be seen in their daily lives, music, lifestyle, and the way they wear their aso ebi attires. This creativity would not be justified if it isn’t embellished in our men attires for weddings.

Many times, we only focus on the bride and her friends when we speak about weddings, what we fail to realize is, they can’t be called Aso ebi attires if the men are left out. The idea is for the guest to be in uniformity.

Aso ebi attires

Our capable men present a spiral of fantastic, locally and internationally inspired creations. They appear energized and ready to dance the night away and show us some legwork movement.

The men typically arrive in bunches looking stylish, which further highlights the Asoebi‘s attractiveness. The come in confidence radiating the flamboyance of their cultural heritage.

Aso ebi attires

When you anticipate that these trends will be out of date, you will be surprised to see something wholly unique from what you have previously observed. Given that we are Africans, we truly can’t go wrong with these outfits.

The most innovative tweak to the modern Agbada is the Agbada-senator aso ebi attires. An Agbada can be made from cashmere or senator materials. The Agbada-senator design comprises a long-sleeved shirt, an open-stitched flowing robe with wide sleeves, and a pair of trousers (sokoto). See more on African men styles here…

Aso Ebi Attires Gallery

Irvine randle aso ebi attires

Davido aso ebi attires

RMD aso ebi attires

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