Senator wear set to become official outfit

Imagine you got to the office on a normal work day hoping to see all your male colleagues dressed up in suit and ties as usual but surprisingly all the guys at your office are putting on smart senator wears.

yellow senator with black and white design

Yellow senator with black and white design

Wouldn’t that be lovely? Honestly I am of the school of thought that senator wears can also be worn at the work place or to corporate functions as long as the designs are smart looking and the colours are official.

corporate senator sampled on mannequin

Corporate senator sampled on mannequin

If you have been very observant you would agree with me that guys look pretty smart on senator wears as well as they do on shirts, ties and suits.

Therefore, I call on the corporate Society in Africa to begin to look into incorporating some of our own clothing into our corporate environments in order to boost our economies and create jobs.

senator with hat for an official meeting

Senator with hat for an official meeting

official senator design

Short sleeve senator with cool design

Short sleeve senator with cool design


official senator design

Official senator design

Red Senator wear

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