Special One Shoulder Lace Gown

Today we have a topic for discussion, we will be taking a look at One shoulder style. I believe you might have an idea about this pretty Lace Gown ladies?

At this time we what to define and talk more about it, we want to also show some of the best designs out there in various part of Nigeria and Africa, as a base of Aso-ebi and Ankara fashion.

Lace Gown

One shoulder dress is a wear design with only one side sleeve on either of the shoulders to hold dress properly. One shoulder is left open (without sleeve) to make what it’s called; this actually makes the design also pretty and unique in pattern.

Where to find one shoulder lace gown

In some places now they are set standard to control the dressing mode of people, they do have this standard in School campus, Orientation camp, Offices, Religion places to avoid the chances of corrupting the mind of children and teenagers etc.

Despite the level of control for some open dressing wore, they are places where it’s needed to see this pretty dresses.

Focusing on the subject topic One shoulder, is not really bad cloth to hide and wear only in the dark, it looks much adoring in some certain places.

Red-carpet event

One Shoulder Style

It is a good fashion choice for many celebrities during a red-carpet event like the AMVCA and the rest of them. Celebrities likes to come out admirable at all time, red-carpet is such an opportunity for them.


Some Church don’t really have problem with dressing, as long as you are not completely naked is fashion. You can dress-up on one sleeve dress if you find yourself in the afore mention type of churches, where this is normally accepted.


Party venue is one good settle to show off anything dress including one or no shoulder design, a place where anything can happen is a party, when there’s access wine and the rest of them. And majorly in party occasion there’s no dress code you sure of seeing styles.

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