Top 5 Sewing Menswear for Special Occasions

The popular saying “The way you dress is the way you will be addressed” can not be more true. Menswear has struggled to take center stage against the ever-lucrative and evolving female fashion world. Truth be told men in general are not as fashion-crazy as ladies. However, the men’s fashion world is neither stagnant nor redundant, It still holds up strong against all other competitors.

For this article, we would like to stick to men’s sewing dress styles only. There are many readymade options available in the market for men but sewing menswear is rated more highly by societal standards. Men look more graceful, fashionable & presentable. Men don’t like being the center of attraction on special occasions, they’d rather display mystique while looking firm and poise at any important gathering.

Sewing menswear

5 Major Sewing Men’s Clothing in 2023

There are many different sewing styles for men. But for the sake of this post, we will try to classify them into five major groups which are the most popular in terms of how rampant they have become and the volume of demand according to dressmakers;

Senator Menswear

We could continue forever describing this amazing collection of the newest senator styles for men, but an article wouldn’t be complete without images. A significant number of Nigerian guys are adopting the “senator” look if you’ve been paying close attention. Even if you’re not familiar with the term, you’ve probably seen stylish men and boys in action.

The senator has been a major game-changer in the men’s fashion world in Africa and the world. Today in Nigeria, it is difficult to find a man without a senator in his wardrobe.

Sewing menswear

Sewing menswear

Sewing menswear

Agbada Menswear

The Agbada is a customary garment worn by Yoruba men residing in West Africa. It includes an inner garment in different lengths as well as a set of bottoms in the shape of Shokoto, a type of traditional pants. Additionally, it is typically worn with various Yoruba native hats, such as Fila, Abeti Aja, and others.

Agbada or bubu as it is called in the Northern part of Nigeria remains the most prestigious and sophisticated ceremonial attire in northern and south-west Nigeria. Agbada is also popular in other African nations across the Sahel.

Sewing menswear

Sewing menswear

Kaftan Menswear

The Kaftan is very similar to the senator’s wear with a little tweak in the design. Men can dress traditionally in long, flowing kaftans that fall to the ankle or knee. These looks are popular among young people when it comes to the latest fashion trends for males.

The Kaftan is a traditional garment of West Africa, mostly worn in Northern Nigeria. Apart from the Hausas, who were the original target audience of the Senegalese who brought the Kaftan style to Africa, people from many tribes today wear the outfit since it is easy to wear and uncomplicated.

Sewing menswear

Men Safari Suits

Safari Suits are made for traveling across the nation. Since safari suits were meant to be worn in warm climates, their cool fabric was first employed in military applications in Britain.

The term “leisure suit” was also used to describe safari suits because of their relaxed and easy style. Due to its military origins, safari coats featured open necks and patch pockets in a rugged and rugged look. Furthermore, the cloth was thick and rough. You may wear the suit with or without a belt. One of the most popular additions to a safari outfit is a round hat.

Sewing menswear

Sewing menswear

Ankara Menswear

It is recommended that men follow the ankara fashion trend as well. Though there are some more somber patterns available, the average male might not be drawn to all of the vibrant hues. Over time, the assortment of menswear keeps expanding. Ankara pants, ties with matching pocket squares, and even shirts are presently available in the menswear market. The majority of guys choose ankara fabric to produce basic button-down shirts and matching slacks. Africa is the continent where this comfy design is most prevalent.


Sewing menswear


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