The Purpose Of Carrying Wine During Igbo Weddings

There are numerous customs that we see followed during weddings but are unaware of their significance. We simply understand that it is the norm and that we were born into it.

However, we quickly learned that every step taken at a conventional wedding had a purpose. As a result, we have decided to briefly examine the significance of the wine carried during the Igbo wedding ritual.


The bride bringing wine is known as the Igba Nkwu Ceremony in Igbo local dialect. The goal is to catch up with the groom.

Locals claim that the palm wine served on this occasion is unique and pure. The difference in taste is due to the fact that it is used to strengthen the bond between partners. It is only employed for marital purposes. The woman’s choice for her husband is whoever accepts it from her.


It also symbolizes that marriage is not always blissful and rosy because the flavor of palm wine is both sweet and sour.

The ceremony itself is joyful and keeps the attendees engaged while the bride looks for her groom. This is strongly ingrained in Igbo history and culture and is considered auspicious.

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