Gorgeous Onion Color Aso ebi Styles

We all adore aso ebi styles, and the onion color has consistently been a favorite at many Nigerian weddings. This trend doesn’t appear to be slowing down anytime soon. This post is all about providing you with a ton of suggestions for onion color pairings.

Today I’m bringing back your favourite series on this blog #knowledgethuesday!

Aso ebi styles

How Does Onion Color Appear on Aso ebi Styles?

When looking for Aso-ebi in this shade, you may occasionally hear people refer to it as “onion red,” “onion pink,” or “onion purple.” This color gets its name from the hue of onion skin, which is a purplish-red, light pink, or pinkish-purple. The color actually has an onion skin-like appearance.

Nigerian onions come in red, pink, and purple hues, and because our people are accustomed to describing or naming colors using the colors of familiar objects or foods, distinct names have been given to the colors of onions.

You could want to consider incorporating shades of onion color if you don’t like the color “purple” but want to broaden your wardrobe‘s color options. Even if you detest red, purple, pink, or purple, Nigerian wedding guests and celebrants prefer the color onion.

A lively and intriguing shade of purple with a hint of red or pink, onion color is much easier to style. For styling suggestions using this color, swipe left or right or scroll down (or how to combine onion colour for Nigeria wedding).

What Shades Work Well With Onion Color Aso ebi styles?

We’ll show you 76 eye-catching color combinations, monochromatic ensembles, and multicolor combinations that make the colors “onion purple” and “onion pink” appear amazing in order to demonstrate how fantastic they are.

#1. Neutral Colors that will stylishly complement
Onion Purple/ Pink
Onion Pink and Black
Onion colour and White
Onion colour and Silver
Onion and Grey
Onion Purple and Ash
Onion Pink/ Purple and Charcoal
Onion and Ivory
Onion and Vanilla
Onion and Carton colour
Onion and Beige
Onion and Tan
Onion and Taupe
Onion and Khaki

#2. Blue Tone Colors/ Shades that go With Onion Pink/ Purple
Onion and Blue
Onion and Denim Blue
Onion and Purple
Onion and Aqua blue
Onion and Baby Blue
Onion and Omo Blue
Onion Pink and Navy Blue
Onion and Powder Blue

#3. Green Shades that Go With Onion Pink/ Purple Color
Onion Purple and Yellowish-Green
Onion and Lime-Green
Onion and Lemon Green
Onion and Apple Green
Onion and Dark Green
Onion and Teal Green
Onion and Army Green
Onion and Olive Green
Onion and Bottle Green
Onion and Emerald Green
Onion and Grass Green
Onion and Forest Green

#4. Red and Earthy Tone Shades that Go with Onion Pink
Onion Pink and Tomato Red
Onion Pink and Rust-brown
Onion Pink and Bronze
Onion and Copper
Onion Purple and Wine
Onion Purple and Baby Pink/ Light Pink
Onion and Blush Pink
Onion and Peach
Onion and Salmon
Onion and Coral
Onion Pink and Watermelon
Onion Purple and Dusty Rose
Onion and Rose
Onion and Rose Gold

#5. Yellow/ Gold-Tone Shades that complement With
Onion Pink/ Purple
Onion and Gold
Onion and Champagne Gold
Onion and Leaf-Yellow
Onion and Light Yellow
Onion Purple and Mustard Yellow
Onion Purple and Yellowish-Orange colour

#6. Monochromatic Onion Color Combo
Onion Pink and Purple
Onion Pink and Violet
Onion and Lilac
Onion Pink and Magenta
Onion Pink and Burgundy
Onion Pink and Maroon
Onion and Plum
Onion Pink and Eggplant
Onion and Grape
Onion and Lilac
Onion and Lavender
Onion and Mauve

Dressing Tip

Here are some examples of alternative ways to incorporate the above-mentioned onion color combinations into your day-to-day outfits or for special occasion clothes, regardless of whether you’re a bride or a wedding guest.

Photos of Onion Color Aso ebi Styles

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