How Well Do You Know About Liberia Clothing Style?

The West African country of Liberia has a rich cultural legacy, which is represented in its traditional clothing. Liberian attire is frequently made of colorful, patterned fabrics and is typically worn for important occasions like weddings, funerals, and cultural celebrations.

Many Liberians wear clothing with western brands and dress more casually. As a result, it is quite challenging to tell Liberian dress fashion from other global trends. However, Liberians have a way to dress, employing locally produced clothing made of cotton that they grow themselves and fashionable African clothing that has been manufactured for the local market.

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Hand-woven Cloth

A form of fabric created from locally cultivated cotton, hand-woven cloth is frequently used to create Liberia’s traditional clothing. Country cloth is created by first spinning cotton into yarn, then weaving the yarn into strips, and finally sewing the strips together to create a bigger piece of fabric.

Despite the widespread use of western-style clothing, many Liberians still prefer to wear elegantly crafted African outfits as well as the traditional “country clothes” that they call home.

The Dashiki, Lappa and Bubu


The “dashiki,” a loose-fitting, colored tunic that is frequently embellished with exquisite embroidery or other ornamental embellishments, is one of the most recognizable clothing designs in Liberia. Dashikis are frequently worn by both men and women and are an expression of African pride and identity.



The “lappa,” a long wrap skirt worn by ladies, is one of the most well-liked traditional clothing types in Liberia. The lappa is made of multicolored materials and frequently worn with an identical top.



The “bubu,” a flowing, loose-fitting outfit resembling a caftan or tunic, is another common fashion choice in Liberia. Both men and women can wear the bubu, which is often composed of lightweight materials like cotton or silk, for both formal and casual situations.

In general, Liberia’s hand-woven apparel plays a significant role in the cultural history and identity of the nation. They showcase the talent and craftsmanship of the regional artists who make them and are frequently worn on special occasions and festivals.

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