Knowledge Tuesday! A Nupe Wedding Culture Rite

Because Nigeria is rife with diverse ethnicities and cultural practices, the numerous techniques and methods of combining a couple in holy matrimony differ from one another.

The Nupe people are found primarily in Niger, Kwara, and Kogi states, as well as the Federal Capital Territory, in Nigeria’s middle belt.

In a traditional Nupe wedding, the male never chooses a girl of his choice, and the girl never chooses a boy of her choice; this is primarily done by the parents.

Nupe wedding

The boy’s parents are asking for a girl’s hand in marriage even before the girl is mature. The boy’s parents do not approach their future in-laws directly to ask for a girl’s hand in marriage; instead, they send a reasonable member of society known as Lina to the girl’s parents to deliver their request. Once accepted, the Emikpe introduction ceremony will be prepared.

Traditionally, the goods required for the introduction ceremony were a hundred pieces of kola nut and a small sum of money, no more than Ten Naira (N10). After that, the courting might continue until both families consent to marry the couple.

We must all be aware that the traditional marriage system in the Nupe community is less expensive than what is available in other regions of the country.

It is worth noting that when a girl is to be married, the time and date of the marriage are kept hidden from her because she may decide to flee because she does not want the man chosen for her. However, this is no longer possible in recent times because the bride and groom are both coming together of their own volition, and invitation cards are printed to invite guests and loved ones.

Moving on with the wedding plans, the bride spends 8 days at her parent’s house while a series of festivities unfold before being transported to the groom’s house in a beautiful style known as Kpanganagi, which is a musical band escort.

Things are done differently nowadays, and brides are taken in cars that have silently destroyed the oldie tradition.

The bride will have to stay at the groom’s house for an additional 8 days until the wedding ceremony is completed. A Nupe wedding is simple and uncomplicated, and this is a rundown of what to anticipate if you are invited to one.


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