Knowledge Tuesday! A Nupe wedding rite.

Nigeria is riddled with different ethnicity with vast cultural practices hence, the various approaches and ways of joining a couple in holy matrimony are different from the other.

Situated in the middle belt of Nigeria is the Nupe people, found majorly in Niger, Kwara, Kogi states, and the Federal Capital Territory.

In a typical Nupe wedding, the boy never picks a girl of his choice likewise the girl also never picks a boy of her choice this was essentially done by the parents.
Nupe wedding

A girl’s hand in marriage is being tactically asked for by the boy’s parents even before the girl is matured. The boy’s parents do not go directly to their future in-laws to ask for a girl’s hand in marriage rather, they preferably send a reasonable member of the society known as Lina to the girl’s parent to present their proposal. Once accepted the introduction ceremony known as Emikpe will be planned.

In yesteryears, the items needed during the introduction ceremony were a hundred pieces of kola nut with a small amount of money, not more than ten nairas (N10). Once out of the way the courtship can continue until both families agree to get the pair married.

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We all must be privy to the fact that the traditional marriage system in Nupe society is less expensive when compared to what is obtainable in other parts of the country.

It is worthy of note that when a girl is to be given out in marriage, the time and date of the marriage is kept out of her knowledge as she may decide to run away mostly because she may not want the man picked for her however, this is not attainable in recent times as the bride and groom are both coming together of their own volition and invitation cards are printed to invite guests and loved ones.

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Going forward with the wedding plans, the bride spends 8 days in her parents’ house as series of events takes place before she is conveyed to the groom’s house in a magnificent mode known as Kpanganagi which is a musical band escort.

In recent times, things are done differently, and brides are taken with cars that have silently killed the oldie ritual.

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After arriving at the groom’s house, the bride will have to spend another 8 days before the marriage ceremony is finally over.

A Nupe wedding is indeed straightforward without so much extravagance and this is a summary of what to expect when invited to one.

Part of the information used was withdrawn from the article of Zainab (U14/FLC/MCM/017) A 300 level student of the mass communication department IBB University Lapai Niger State.


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