Knowledge TUESDAY! An Ebira Traditional Wedding.

Happy Tuesday! We earnestly proceed with our Knowledge sequence full of bliss as we would be taking a look at a tribe in Nigeria known for its great agricultural imprint and its art in hair making.

This Clan is called the Ebira. They are settled majorly in Kogi state, the Middle belt of Nigeria. They are a group of people who are farmers by blood and have a deep sense of belonging when it comes to nature.

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Here is how the traditional bridal rite is carried out by the Ebira people.

According to Ebira traditional marriage customs, a man never walks to his in-laws to inform them of his interest in their daughter; instead, his parents and mostly elderly women from his family do this.

They visit the girl’s parents to introduce themselves and the reason behind it. It is also their duty to conduct a thorough investigation of the lady’s family background.

When all attributes have been met, a date is picked for the formal introduction of both families which is called “Ise Ewere”. During this event, gifts are given to the bride’s family which would consist of Forty-two tubers of yam, hot drinks, assorted wines, soda, Kola nuts etc.

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When this stage is over, and dialogues have ended, the engagement ceremony is next. The groom may not need to be present as his family can handle this on his behalf.

The bride’s family entertains the groom’s family with foods and drinks this affords them the opportunity of introducing both families properly. Meanwhile, the gifts that the groom provided are shared among the neighbours and the extended relatives to solicit for their prayers and to inform them that the lady is now betrothed to a man of her choice.

The bride price is usually agreed upon by the parents of the girl and it depends on the financial capability of the groom.  There are other prices to be paid asides from the initial bride price and they include the following:

“OTANUVOGEI” which literally means, ‘Joining hands together’

OZEMEIYI” which means ‘I am attracted to her’

IDOZA” stands for the farming price, which the groom pays in place of physically going to work on the farm for his father-in-law as in the olden days.

On the day of the wedding, women from the man’s family are seen carrying tubers of yams on their heads in a dancing procession to the bride’s home. The event starts immediately they arrive at the bride’s compound.

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It kicks off with prayers offered for the success of the union by a religious leader and parents of the couple.  After which the customarily rich and colourful occasion would be brought to an end. Thereafter, the bride’s belongings are taken to her new home with her friends and some other women present.

This is how the traditional wedding nuptial goes thus for the Ebira kinfolk. We must say that this was quite straight forward and different from other tribes we have discussed so far. The Ebira community, seem to be people who do not waste time but push onward in doing what needs to be done.

It pleases us to know you have been saddled with new knowledge this Tuesday.

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All information on the Ebira wedding was sourced from the Oga venue blog.

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