Different regions to different ways of life which births different cultures. The line that unconsciously subjects and forms the type of individuals we become is largely owned by our culture.

On today’s knowledge Tuesday, we peek at the Igala people and how they carry out their weddings.

The Igala lineage, found in the Eastern part of Kogi State has a well laid down procedure when it comes to handling the wedding ceremony.

In a proper Igala wedding rite, a background check would be conducted on the would-be In-laws. This is not limited to Igala people alone but also to foreign cultures devoid of the sex of the individual getting married.

The selection of the elders from the groom’s family to meet up with the brides is the next course of action. This is to legitimately seek for the hand of the girl which is commonly called the introduction.

When the wedding day is finally here, Igala people see it as compulsory for the two families to witness the marriage. The marriage starts with a new wrapper spread on a mat.

The bride will come in the group of her friends of the same age range and seat on the mat. Music would be played; whilst they go round to greet the families. The bride will go back to change her clothes and repeat the process twice.

When this is out of the way, the groom would be asked to douse the bride with money until she is satisfied. The next phase is the Kola nut, bride price, and drinks presentation which will be hand over to the bride’s family. The Bride to be would then be asked if she accepts the groom and the items he brings.

The acceptance of the items means the bride’s family endorses the groom.

However, if the bride is from Ogugu in Olamaboro local government area in Igala land, there are other additional cultures he and his wife must observe.

In Igala land, the people of Ogugu are notorious for a belief called Ibegwu. Ibegwu is a ritual that kills any Igala couple from Ogugu who commits adultery. It is also believed to have the power to kill the husband who tries to protect his Ogugu bride who involves in an extramarital affair.

This is only particular for descents from Ogugu. If none of the couples is from this area, the wedding rite is over with eating and dancing.

Here is a summary of what to expect when entertaining the thought of marrying an Igala lady or when invited to one.

Part of the data used was gotten from thenigerianpost.com.ng