Knowledge TUESDAY! Introducing the Yoruba wedding rite.

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Nigeria is filled with diverse tribes and ethnicity. These sects of people have their own way of life, tradition, and culture. Each is unique for its beautiful apparel and music. The beauty of it all is when persons from different tribes merge together as one.

Nigeria is a nation that has embraced each tribe as one body and this has given room to welcome other nations in and out of Africa. Today, We would be looking at one of the tribes and how they perform their traditional wedding rites.

From the South-western part of the country, is a sea of individuals known for entertainment and their love to enjoy life. They are known for the popular Asoebi and Asooke. They are known for their various dance and music. And they are called the YORUBA tribe.

They are found in Osun, Ondo, Ekiti, Oyo, Lagos, Ogun, Kwara, a part of Kogi and Benin Republic. These are the people whom the extravagant weddings and the communal use of fabric in weddings began.

In a typical Yoruba traditional wedding, the following must be present;

Yoruba wedding

  • The Alaga Ijoko and Alaga Iduro, one of each is from the Groom side and the bride side. They represent the master of ceremony
  • Eru iyawo, Brides gift.
  • Traditional drummers
  • Owo awon Ebi (Money to  be given to a particular individual in the brides family)

  • Lots of Prayers and dancing.
  • Beautifully endowed ladies in Iro and Buba with Gele, and handsome elegant men in Agbada and Fila in a variety of Asoebi colours.

Last but not least is the food! Local traditional Yoruba food like Iyan ati Efo riro (Pounded yam and vegetable) Gbegiri, Ewedu and Amala, Moi-Moi, and many more.

This list gives you an imaginary pictorial of what to expect when attending a traditional Yoruba wedding. However, it cannot be like when one is at the event.

On our next Knowledge Tuesday, we will discuss another tribe, and give you a breakdown of what to expect.


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