Knowledge TUESDAY! Shedding light on a Nigerian wedding (EFIK)

It has come to our notice that many are not so in the know on the traditional sacrament of other cultures asides from theirs. The commonly known ones are that of the Yoruba, Igbo, and Hausa. However, this is just a fragment of the long list of tribes that reside in Nigeria.

On today’s knowledge Tuesday, we are taking it to the South-South. A small ethnic group called the Efik. The Efik clan can be found in Cross River and Akwa Ibom state. This tribe is known for their aesthetically pleasing traditional attire, a language likened to that of the Chinese, and their sexy dance steps.

Nigerian wedding

Nigeria Efik Wedding

The Efik people are a unique tribe with very soothing dishes and belles that can captivate any male species. Today we look at how a traditional wedding is performed in an Efik household.

The first thing that must transpire before the ceremony can take place is the groom’s declaration of interest to the brides’ family. A letter with bottles of drinks known as Mimm Ukop Iko is sent to get to a consensual agreement.  Soon after the introduction takes place, the groom is presented with the list of things for the outmoded formality which consists mostly of drinks again.

Nigerian wedding

During this period, a fattening procedure must ensue. This process is to get the bride acquainted with sexual styles and techniques as well as being fed properly in other to look more ravishing to her groom. The longevity of this depends on how quickly the bride can learn which if done rapidly, a graduation ceremony is conducted with music and dance.

The next phase is the traditional ceremony proper which is called the Ndo.  It is done in a compound filled with the families and friends of the couple. Two mediators are assigned to coordinate the events: both male and female (mma ofion ndo and ette ofion ndo).

The traditional process is executed and ends soon after. Gifts brought by the groom’s family are presented to the bride. Entertainment soon follows with food and drinks.

The ceremony is closed with merriment and everyone disperse. This is a summary of how an Efik wedding is completed. If ever you are invited to one, and you are wondering how it would look, this is what you would be met with.

Therefore, it will be most unpleasant not to attend that ceremony because of the tribe involved. They say we learn every day and this is new knowledge for all.

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