Knowledge TUESDAY! Shedding light on a Nigerian wedding (TIV)

Being married is a great privilege and a journey that teaches one perseverance, tolerance, and how to be a better version of ourselves.

Thus, we have decided to shed light on the traditional wedding rites of each culture in Nigeria.

Today we are taking it to the Middle belt part of Nigeria. This community is called the TIV tribe. Commonly known for their white and black stripe attire, and their body twisting dance steps.

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The Tiv are vibrant people with tasty food and culture. They are majorly found in Benue State, Nigeria. Widely known entertainers from this area include 2face Idibia, Zule-zoo, Kidwayya of BBN amongst others.

So how is a traditional nuptial done by the Tiv populace?

Just like other clans, there must be a declaration of intention by the groom which then graduates to the introduction where he comes bearing gifts. These gifts comprise salt, palm oil, a bottle of wine, hot drinks.

At the main event, the bride’s family is paired in twos. The male and female in different rooms. The groom and his family are requested to visit the male room to discuss dowry. After a conclusion is made, and the list of things requested by the groom during the introduction is presented. Confirmation of who the groom comes next by the bride choosing her man amidst others with a drink to boot.

Once this is done, the couple proceeds to the all-female room to show the ladies the man she has picked. Prayers and advice follow suit. A token from the groom may be given to the youth in the room though this is not compulsory.

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At this junction, everything is set. The groom’s family welcomes the bride with traditional Tiv music and ‘Swonge’ dancers (Tiv traditional dancers), this process is called the ‘Kwase kuhwan”.

The festivity continues with foods like Akpu (Fermented Cassava) and Pocho, pounded yam and Atuu, or Akpu and Atyever served and music to entertain the guests.

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This is a short summary of how the Tiv conventional marriage is done.

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