Women Fascinating Ankara Styles

We can’t discuss Ankara styles in the trend flow without mentioning the game-changers: fashion designers and creatives. The African print fabric would never have achieved the global notoriety it enjoys today if we didn’t have such outstanding creatives on our side.

Vlisco design is one of the trendy designs that they have so rightly dispensed. This project began a few decades ago, and since then, it has progressed to the next level.


Vlisco Design

These developments have influenced the definition of the word “mixing prints” in 2021. You’d think of blending two independent Ankara prints, and you’d be right, but the scope of this has expanded to cover the incorporation of other textiles as well.

So it’s no longer only about mixing prints in terms of different Ankara designs; it’s expanded to include velvet, organza, chiffon, silk, cotton, and a variety of other fabrics.

We’ve put together a catalogue of some of the most stylish Ankara short dresses and skirts. These styles are stylish, refined, and trendy while remaining ageless, according to our style editors.

Photos of Fascinating Ankara Styles

Ankara Styles

Ankara Styles

Ankara Styles

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