A Glance At Yoruba Wedding Attires And Other Highlights

It is no news that the acclaimed ‘Aso ebi‘ fashion is coined by the Yoruba tribe from the southwest of Nigeria. Through yoruba weddings the word aso ebi which implies, the fabric for family and friends’ was coined and is now universally accepted and used by all tribes in Nigeria.

This Fabric is picked by the bride and groom family so as to differentiate the guest, creating uniformity among different sets like colleagues at work, close pals, Old school mates(Alunmni Associations), extended family members and immediate family. all these mini sets are dresses in different fabrics which adds colors to the entire wedding ceremony.

Yoruba wedding attire

The yourba tribe is known for its ‘uIro and Buba with Gele‘ for the bride, while the ‘Agbada and Fila’ for the groom. These outfits must be worn by the couple to appreciate the beauty of their culture. In an elegant formation, the family and friends are dressed to kill in their amazing garments styled from the ‘Aso ebi‘ chosen by the couple and their family as it usually done at a yoruba wedding.

Yourba weddings are what you call a hit back-to-back. it records lots of music and dance, hype which is called ‘Oriki`. The Yoruba are good music lovers they will will dance to any nice tune ranging from highlife, Akpala, Juju, Fuji or contemporary afropop songs. Don’t for forget to put on your dancing shoes because at every yoruba wedding ceremony there is always dance! dance!! dance!!! on the programme list.

Yoruba wedding

a variety of local dishes accompanied with international dishes, among the local dishes will be Amala, Ewedu and Gbegiri, Semovita and Efo-riro, Omi-obe(Pepper stew), Asaro(Porriage yam), Iyan and Egusi (Pounded yam and melon soup).

These and more are what you should picture when attending a Yoruba wedding ceremony. Don’t forget, you also get souvenirs back home in large quantities.

Aso ebi Fashion updates From Yoruba weddings

Yoruba wedding

Yoruba wedding

Yoruba wedding attires

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