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The kanzu is a floor- or ankle-length dress. It is a variant of the thobe in Arabic. In the Great Lakes area of Africa, males typically wear kanzus, which are white or cream-colored robes. In English, it is referred to as a tunic, whereas in Arab nations, it is called a thawb.
The kanzu was originally woven from.

Men kanzu style

Nowadays, silk, cotton, poplin, or linen are used to make kanzu. The most costly kanzus are made of linen. The design is the primary distinction between the kanzu and the Arabic thobe.

Origin Of Kanzu

The kanzu is a floor- or ankle-length garment. It serves as the national costume of Tanzania as well as the Comoros, where it is termed ‘Kandu’ as well as thawb. In some Muslim coastal districts of Tanzania and Kenya, the robe is also worn. It is regarded as the most significant attire among Ugandan males.

On the neck, abdomen, and sleeves of the classic kanzu are maroon embroidery. The omulela is the name given to the needlework. Mende, Uganda is the primary kanzu knitting and manufacturing hub.

In several regions of Uganda, men wear the kanzu as their traditional clothing. In the nineteenth century, Arab tradesmen introduced this garment that reaches the ankle.

Uganda kanzu styles

Arab traders and Omani missionaries who were leading dawah brought the kanzu to Tanzania. The Tanzanian kanzu and the Arabic thobe are exact equivalents. The kanzu was originally crafted from silk. Due to Islamic prohibitions on wearing silk clothing, it is now produced of polyester or other synthetic materials that closely resemble silk.

The Tanzanian kanzu is marketed by merchants as an Omani thobe, Yemini dishdasha, or an Emirati thobe in the West and in many Arab nations. In the United Arab Emirates, kanzus of the highest caliber are produced for weddings.

Wedding Kanzu Styles For Men

During the introduction, also known as the Kwanjula, the kanzu,  is worn at wedding rituals. The bride’s family must accept a kanzu from the groom’s family, and the groom’s family must appear during the Kwanjula dressed in kanzu.

Kanzu styles

The distinctive feature of the Tanzanian kanzu is the tassel that hangs from the collar. In some families, the tassel is perfumed with African oils or Arabic attar (oils) before wedding ceremonies. The kanzu is always worn with a kofia, a small embroidered cap while the bride is adorned in the gomesi attire.

Kanzu styles

Kanzu men styles

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