Know about Afrikrea, an Ankara ecommerce full blown services company

Afrikrea and Anka are both the creations of the same worldwide team, black-owned corporation, and Ivory Coast-based individuals. Afrikrea is a French wordplay on the words “Africa” and “création,” which means “design” in French.

In Bambara, which is spoken in the region from Mali to the Ivory Coast and throughout West Africa, ANKA signifies “ours.”


How Afrikrea started

It was founded in 2016 with a single goal in mind: to connect Africa and the rest of the world.
Moulaye Tabouré, Kadry Diallo, and Luc B. Perussault-Diallo, co-founders from Mali and Guinea, all share a passion for Africa and wanted to make Made of Africa items more available to a wider audience.

Furthermore, they envisioned a space that would support African women‘s financial empowerment through fashion, crafts, the arts, and culture.

This is how the business began. Magicians, Queens, and Kings swiftly formed a community in the market place. The goal is to make African culture as popular, eaten, and appreciated as sushi from Japan or salsa from Latin America.





As an ecommerce marketplace, they have brought together thousands of sellers from Africa and all over the world. Every day, they enable them to easily start and manage their business online.

They also provide a safe shopping experience for customers who can buy with trust and ease on Afrikrea platform. Sellers will only receive the money once your order has been shipped and acknowledged receipt of.



Product reviews

I had a delay in delivery (post) … that said, Kadjalli is very responsive, attentive. This diary is for my sister who is very satisfied with it. We really like Kadjalli’s careful work.


Hello Order well received I am very satisfied I send you a photo very quickly Bravo nice job Good continuation best regards Mrs horn


Order received thank you very pretty dress thank you for the attention


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